Monday, May 31, 2010

"Hamas Ahoi" - How the world loves Terrorists

One of the boat terrorist sailing to Gaza.
Do peace activists look like him ? Many biased (anti - Semitic) international journalists do believe so.

More on HAARETZ !

The ships leaving Istanbul for Gaza. Then already people yelled INTIFADA 
against Israel !

Harry's Place has more!

Boat terrorists beating Israeli soldiers

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  1. Eliyahoo William DwekJune 1, 2010 at 5:38 PM

    The country of Britain: has condemned Israel's actions - as "barbaric." Together with the UN and other European countries.

    Let us just remember who the barbarians truly are.

    It was Britain: that went out of its way to sink the ships of escaping refugees from WW2. That is how barbaric and evil the British are.

    And it was Churchill – who refused all the pleas of Menachem Begin, the Head of the Irgun - to stop the barbaric killing of the refugees on all the boats which the British sank.

    Churchill was no hero of WW2, as he is made out to be. He showed his true colours as a barbarian more savage than the Germans.

    Churchill could have prevented the murder of millions of Jews by Hitler. Instead, he waited for the Germans to quietly "finish the job." And Churchill himself, was evil enough to order the sinking of the refugee ships of those who had escaped the Germans.

    Shall we all subject Britain to international isolation and condemnation? How about an investigation into Britain’s wartime crimes? Or shall we have international sanctions against Britain?