Monday, May 10, 2010

Rabbi Baruch Ber Leibowitz on the Brisker Rav

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Rabbi Baruch Ber Leibowitz (see photo) speaking to his students of the Knesset Beit Yitzchak Yeshiva in Kamenetz:

"Do you know why the Brisker Rav (Rabbi Yitzchak Ze'ev Soloveitchik), 1886 - 1959, has merited such greatness in Torah ? Every child in cheder (Torah institute for small children) knows that almost all Torah that exists in our times has its source in the forerunner of the modern - day yeshiva of Volozhin (in Lithuania). Every Torah center today owes its existence either directly or indirectly to it. This merit is due completely to the founder of the yeshiva, Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin.
Now, Rabbi Chaim asked of the Holy One, Blessed be He, that this merit stand in good stead for him, that his children and descendants should be extraordinary talmidei chachamim (wise students) and merit the crown of Torah. And the Holy One, Blessed be He, decided that indeed he deserved such a reward".


"The Brisker Rav" 
by Rabbi Shimon Yosef Meller
Volume One 

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