Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yom Yerushalaim


Tonight, Jerusalem starts celebrating "YOM YERUSHALAIM"; the 43rd anniversary of the Six - Day War and thus, the end of the Jordanian occupation in Jerusalem. From 1948 - 1967, Jerusalem was divided between Israel and Jordan. During that time, the Jordanians destroyed several Synagogues (e.g. the CHURVA in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City) as well as Jewish cemeteries where tombstones were desecrated and used for building roads. 

Countless celebrations are taking place in Jerusalem these days. The national religious "Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva" in Kiryat Moshe has the custom to march to the Old City on Erev Yom Yerushalaim. Tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, the traditional "March of the Flags" is going to take place. Then mainly national religious youngsters are going to march through downtown Jerusalem. From Sacher Park to the Kotel (Western Wall). 
The parade may be a big mess, as Jaffa Road is still a construction site and the Arabs don't want the participants of the march to enter one of their gates leading into the Old City.

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