Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baba Baruch versus X - Ray


I noticed that I have many hits on the Baba Sali as well as on the X - Ray Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan. The Baba Sali passed away a long time ago and since his former student Rabbi Ifergan discovered his ability seeing people's fate, a war has broken out in the small town of Netivot (southern Israel). The Abuchazeira family of the Baba Sali with its head in Netivot, the Baba Baruch, fight the competitor Ifergan and vice versa.

There is money involved and plenty of politics and I won't go into the subject now. However, it was obviously the Ifergan side claiming publically that the Baba Baruch is in a pretty bad health condition. Reason: The Baba Baruch was hospitalized.
Sources close to Baba Baruch claim the opposite: Rabbi Baruch would be just fine.

It doesn't look like the war between the two parties will be solved before Rosh HaShana.:-)

I am neither into the Abuchazeira cult (although I believe that the Baba Sali was a great man) nor am I into X - Ray prophecies or the cashcow cult of Rabbi Yeshayahu Pinto. Apparently the Baba Baruch is not as talented as Ifergan and Pinto in how to get all the rich Jews in ! 

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