Monday, September 13, 2010

Toldot Aharon Chassidim with Internet do not blow the Shofar

One night before Rosh HaShana, the Toldot Aharon Chassidim held a meeting. Rebbe David Kahn announced all kinds of internal laws and gave plenty of Drashot where he mentioned the Zaddikim (righteous). At the end he announced the new law that a Toldot Aharon Chassid with an Internet connection at home cannot blow the Shofar. This also applies when the Internet connection is kosher and has a filter.
The Rebbe sees all kinds of spiritual dangers floating in.

When I heard such opinions I am always asking myself whether such a person has not clue about the Internet or whether it is just keeping up total control. Meaning: Maybe a Rebbe simply doesn't want his Chassidim to know about the outside world in order to secure his own power.


Chadrei HaCharedim

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