Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Modesty becomes a Pain


On Sunday morning, I took a state - owned EGGED bus from Safed back to Jerusalem. The ride usually takes about 3,5 hours with a 15 minutes break inbetween; somewhere at a gas station including some shopping opportunities outside Afula.

The bus wasn't too crowded when we left the central bus station in Safed at 11.03am but filled up slowly as soon as the bus stopped at further stops inside Safed. At the last stop, a haredi woman got on with her 5000 children. Immediately she started looking for "kosher" seats. The bus was anything but divided into gender seating but she asked everyone to move so that her children could sit next to the appropriate gender. The girls next to women and the boys next to males.
The passengers got upset and refused to move. Especially after noticing that the haredi woman didn't care about everyone else's modesty but rather of her own. She asked secular Jews to move (women to men) but just to ensure the modest seats of her own family.

I found this behaviour more than rude. 
Are secular or other non - haredi Jews less than Haredim ? Don't we have a right of sitting where we want ? I f I don't want to sit next to a guy, I don't have to be haredi do make such a decision. What if I am just a simple Jew but don't want to sit next to men on a bus because I am not comfortable with being so close ?

The same haredi behaviour at our bakery: People come knocking on the door when we already closed for Shabbat. "I need Challot (Shabbat bread), I am hungry !"
Many Haredim just don't care about anybody else but only about their own Mitzvot ! However, those "Mitzvot" won't be too accepted and only fire back at the person behaving in such a manner.

I seriously hope that people may change after Yom Kippur !

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