Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kivrei Zaddikim in Tiberias (Tverya)


Early this morning I took the bus from Jerusalem to Tiberias in the Galilee. The trip usually lasts for 2,5 hours including a 15 minutes break in Afula. Finally I got to Tiberias, checked into a hostel (charing the dorm with two Scandinavian Christians and asking myself whether it is okay to have the Idolworship NT in the room) and right away running to three graves of Zaddikim buried in town.

My first destination was the grave of the RAMBAM (Maimonides, 1135 - 1204). Years ago, I had been there before with my Yeshiva and was now surprised to find a Mechitzah over the grave. Furthermore I noticed that also Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai and Rabbi Horowitz (Shne'i Luchot HaBrit) are buried next to the site of the Rambam.

My second destination was Rachel, the first wife of the Tanna Rabbi Akivah. This grave caught me rather emotional.

My last stop was the Tanna Rabbi Me'ir Baal HaNess.

Rachel's grave was new to me but to the other two graves I had been before. To Rabbi Me'ir even twice.

I did everything walking in the heat and now I am finished. Next week I am going to write a longer report and will also put incredible photos into the blogs.

GMAR veCHATIMAH to all of you !!!


  1. Rachel the wife of Rabbi Akiva is a controversial site, some claim that she isn't buried there at all

    look into it

    i wish u a GCT

  2. B"H

    Thanks a lot for the remark. I will look into it but also publish the photos I made from the grave.

    What struck me a bit was that she is buried in Tiberias. I always thought she lived in Jerusalem because of her father and everything.

    Secondly, the plastic well near her grave representing the Well of Miriam. It says that Rachel was taking water out of Miriam's Well. How do people today know this ?