Monday, September 13, 2010



Today's YEDIOT ACHARONOT edition reports about the Breslover Chassidim in Uman (Ukraine) on Rosh HaShana. Obviously one of their reporters had joined the crowd and had gone to the grave of Rabbi Nachman on Rosh HaShana.

The article is more than negative, as the journalist of the left - wing Israeli daily claimed that the Russians in and around Uman use the Chassidim for business. Prostitutes would be floating in on Rosh HaShana,drugs and alcohol is being offered in masses. First the Breslover tried to keep the Jews "holy" and far away from the Yetzer. Nevertheless, some Rabbi Nachman visitors gave in and run around drunk, make trouble and even run after the red - light - ladies. Many of the Breslovers would be glad to be away from their wives for a week and use the opportunity.

Not all Breslovers are like that but I do believe the journalist that there are such things and that Chassidim follow their Yetzer. I am against the whole Uman business anyway and think that Jerusalem is the best place for Rosh HaShana. Be with G - d and not with a Medium !


  1. Calev entered Eretz Yisroel and went to the Cave haMachpelah to ask the Avos and Imos to pray on his behalf. IF "mediums" were assur then it wouldnt be recorded PSHAT in the Torah.

    When R' Nachman told people to visit his kever, the Idea of a modern state of Israel where Jews could come en mass and pray in Jerusalem would seem impossible without Moshiach (then R Nachman and everyone would be resurrected anyway)

    Jews are not known to break with Tradition and for 150 years (before 1948) Jews were flocking to his kever. 30,000+ Jews praying to Hashem there and the Israeli media will focus on a dozen Israelis that arent even Chassidim let alone Breslov.