Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kapparot in Jerusalem


The KAPPAROT before Yom Kippur are nothing more but a custom ! 
Some great Rabbis say it is a foolish custom others see it as a Tikun (rectification of one's soul). 

I don't participate in the Kapparot but if you are planning to do so:
You can  participate either by giving a certain amount of money (about 20 Shekels / 5 Dollar and more) as Zedakah for a Yeshiva etc. The second possibility is buying a chicken alive and a Shochet is going to slaughter it ritually on the spot. The chicken is being circled over your head and, symbolically speaking, the sins are being transferred into the chickens. Then it will be slaughtered and you can either give it to the poor or take it home and eat it. 

Killing thousands of chickens is causing an outcry of animal activists every single year anew. Demonstrations against Kapparot with chickens are taking place all over Jerusalem. Nevertheless, especially the Ashkenazi haredi society doesn't give in and insists on Kapparot with chickens. Many other Jews have switched to money (see photos below).

In front of the Machane Yehudah Market (in Jaffa Road).

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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