Sunday, September 26, 2010

Website for Bnei Noach


Jews need to keep the Torah Mitzvot and Gentiles need to keep the "Seven Noachide Laws". A Chabadnik recommended the following website to those of you who may be interested in the Bnei Noach:

7 Mitzvot for the 70 nations !


  1. Such is not the case. HaSheim does not favor one man above another. It is not logical that because Israel accepted the Torah that the other nations were OK to reject it and only keep 7 "laws," no matter what any rabbi might say. An insightful rant on this subject was posted at, The reality is that anyone accepting Bnei Noach as a way to serve HaSheim has taken an eternal plug nickel. Bnei Noach is anyone not committed to non-selective Torah observance whether Jew or non-Jew. The only thing promised in the Brit Noach is to not destroy the world by a flood. The so-called "laws of Noach" are simply the minimum one had to observe during the centuries surrounding the beginning of the common era to interact with the non-selectively Torah observant community, on the way to conversion to non-selective Torah observant Judaism.

  2. B"H

    The Noachide Laws and all around can be found in the ORAL LAW - in the TALMUD (Tractate Sanhedrin 55 ff.).

    In case you are not Jewish:
    At Har Sinai, the Jews received the written Thora as well as the oral law (later put together in the Talmud). And according to the oral law, the Noachide laws were given to the Gentile world.

    It is not about the Jews being superior but about G - d giving His creations different tasks in life. Jews recieved the Torah and have the task to fulfill the Torah Mitzvot in order to cause a Tikun Olam (rectification of the world). Gentiles, however, have a totally different task in this world and received the Noachide Laws.

    It is said that already Avraham fulfilled some Torah Mitzvot and even the Israelites in the desert (before receiving the Torah) fulfilled many Torah Mitzvot although the Torah had not yet been officially given to the Jews.

    The Torah is also for the Gentile world but only regarding to the content referring to the Noachide Laws (no muder, stealing, adultery, etc.).