Monday, September 20, 2010

The G - dly Verdict: "Measure for Measure - מידה כנגד מיד"


In Judaism we follow the theory of G - d's punishment taking place according to "Midah keneged Midah - Measure for Measure". When someone causes a sin (an Averah), many times G - d punishes the person in a way which has something to do with his sin.
As soon as we hear "Midah keneged Midah", we get scared and expect that maybe G - d is going to punish us right away. However, this is not always the case and many times the sin can take place and the punishment appears thirty years later when we have already forgotten about it. But G - d doesn't forget.

Where in the Torah do we find a case of an immediate punishment
"Midah keneged Midah" ?

After Adam HaRishon and Eve (Chava) ate from the "Tree of Knowledge - Etz HaDa'at" and there eyes "opened". And they heard the voice of G - d withdrawing itself in the garden ... The two hidbeding a tree.

Parashat Bereshit, and especiallt the topic regarding "Gan Eden - Paradise" is mostly described in a metaphorical way. The Talmud, for instance, suggests different explanations concerning the "fruit" Adam and Eve may have eaten. It is almost certain that it wasn't an apple but maybe a special kind of intoxicating date. Die Adam and Eve get drunk ? Another matter popping up is the garden itself ? Was there really a garden or is it also just a metaphor for something else ? Maybe for a higher state of mind ?

Kabbalistic sources claim that as soon as Adam and Eve ate from the tree, they lost all their higher soul levels as a punishment. From now on they were mortal and didn't know everything anymore. Then G - d came but hadn't he been there all the time ? And why could the two humans think that hiding behind a tree would help them escaping from G - d ?

If they had admitted their sin, things would have gone into a very different direction ... 

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