Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rosh HaShana = Day of Judgment

Der Big Bang

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The upcoming Jewish holiday of ROSH HASHANA is a holiday for the whole world and not only for Jews ! Our entire universe is being judged by G - d who created anything existing.

Symbolically speaking:
"G - d will be sitting on His Thrown and judge".

We, on the other hand, crown Him as our King. We are standing in front of Him and hope that He will judge us with Rachamim (mercy).

How is the New Year 5771 going to look like ? Will there be wars or peace ? Who is going to die, who is going to live ? Who will be sick, who remains healthy, who will find a job, make a fortune, be layed off, who will get married, have a child, who will win the lottery ? Anything you can imagine is decided by G - d on Rosh HaShana and we should look as good as we can before Him. Nevertheless, Jews will receive their final judgment only on Yom Kippur and during the ten days from Rosh HaShana to Yom Kippur, we can still make a good impression and try to be sealed in the "Book of Life", so to speak.

Rosh HaShana is taking place on the 1 Tishrei; a day when Adam and Eve (Chava) were created. The world, however, was created five days earlier - on 25 Elul.

This Shabbat, on 25 Elul, the world is celebrating its birthday.
Happy Birthday, World !


I do believe in the Big Bang Theory stating that ONE day of the creation process consisted of millions of years and not only of twenty - four hours. For G - d, a time concept does not exist but only for us humans !

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