Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The SAFED (ZFAT) Cemetery - Part 2


The grave of the great famous Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, 1534 - 1572, (known as the ARI) at the Safed cemetery (northern Israel).

You can find a Mechitzah at the ARI grave. Men and women pray in different sections. However, the Mechitzah only seems to apply at special events.

The women's side at the back of the ARI's grave.

Women lit memorial candles.

A prayer at the grave of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria.

The grave of the ARI from the men's side (see huge white memorial stone on top of it). Next to him are buried: The Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Cordovero and Rabbi Shlomo HaLevi Alkabetz.

The grave of Rabbi Luria.

Prayer books at the grave of the ARI.

The grave of the ARI's mother underneath her son's grave.

The Safed cemetery doesn't only include "regular" graves as we know them but also plenty of caves where many different Rabbis are buried.

See right top of the photo:
The entire stage is build around the ARI's grave. There are other famous Rabbis next to him but most visitors go to the ARI's grave which is a pity.

 Photos + Copyright:
Miriam Woelke


  1. the stage was built so that Cohanim can visit the site of his burial

    right next to the Ari lies Reb Yosef Karo and the Ramak