Friday, September 3, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

Calories for Rosh HaShana:
Honeycake with chocolate top at our Bakery.

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Once again, the national religious movement is organizing a congress on the subject of "Are we National Religious Jews allowed to accept money donations from the Christians ?" The congress is taking place in another ten days or so and I am giving further details next week. I just hope that I can make it to the congress and listen to Rabbi Zephania Drori, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner and Rabbi Dov Lipshitz (Founder of Yad Le'Achim).

The same old question all over again: Has the movement gone too far by taking money from Christian organizations ?

Yes, they have, by the way. Especially the "Love all Christians" Rabbi Shlomo Riskin from Efrat.

Many chassidic Rebbes are back from their summer vacation - collecting donation tour and now the Tish season is starting again. Most Rebbes were gone but the Belzer Rebbe mainly stayed in Jerusalem.

Last night I went on my night trip again. This time in Jerusalem.
My original plan was going to the "Kikaristim" - The Kids from downtown Zion Square (Kikar Zion). Religious runaways from home, runaways from Baal Teshuva families, all kinds of youngsters with problems and now mostly going for drugs or alcohol.
I went to the famous Kikaristim locations but, apparently, I was far too early. In the end, I ended up at the demonstrations of the Shalit family outside Netanyahu's Prime Minister apartment (where he doesn't even live).

Not too many people were visiting the tent of Avivah and Noam Shalit last night. In fact, I was almost alone with Gilad Shalit's mother. I am going to publish a full report and photos in the course of next week.

In this weeks's Torah Parasha "Netzavim" (Nitzavim), the Jews gather and stand before G - d. Just like us today on Rosh HaShana. We are still standing before G - d and hope that something good is coming out.

Despite all religion and holidays:
There is so much going on in our country and it is so extremely tense in Jerusalem (incl. the nearby settlements) that I sometimes feel like running away. Away from any news, Internet or even the noise of the buses. I will do so on Rosh HaShana and spend the holiday in Safed (northern Israel).

"Shabbat Shalom - Gut Schabbes" to all readers !

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