Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interview with Asher Dahan's Lawyer


Kati Zwetkov, the lawyer of Asher Dahan (who killed Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira last week), gave an interview to the "Be'Chadrei HaCharedim" where she states that Dahan didn't intend to kill the Rabbi.

Dahan is now being send to a psychiatry after he was spending a week in a jail in Ashkelon. Kati Zwetkov took over his case as a public defender and is paid by the State of Israel.

Asher Dahan looks healthy. At least his physical condition but now the doctors will check his mental state. Furthermore, he seems to be relaxed and not in a depression. Dahan didn't intend to hurt or kill the Rabbi but loved him very much and came to speak to him on a regular basis. 

Dahan's family is very upset and afraid that some followers of Baba Elazar may hurt them. Mrs. Zwetkov says that the haredi press should stop negative reports about the Dahan family immediately. 

Asher Dahan has four children and it is them suffering a lot from the crime. They don't go out anymore and are not in contact with their environment.  

No wonder when suddenly everyone is staring at you and people think of your father as soon as they see you.

Kati Zwetkov states that Asher Dahan had no partners in his crime but was a loner. 


  1. B'H

    Quite franckly, I don't understand that sudden paranoia.

  2. B"H

    I don't understand it either. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef ordered a security check on every visitor.

  3. Why don't they mention all the fraud done by elazar abuhetzeira. ? And what he did to dahan. Why don't you talk about elazar fraud. How he conned all his victims ?

  4. B"H

    Because I haven't found the time yet and writing about the Abuchatzeira family and connections is WORK !!!! Lots of work and research.