Monday, November 23, 2009

Achmadinejad is buying American Universities


It is not just a rumour and different English speaking blogs have been publishing the fact for a long time. Finally, finally, after ages of hesitation, the Israeli press has reacted and published an article. See Ynet and today's MAARIV !

Many American universities are being supported by Iran. The result is obvious:
Jewish and Israeli students already feel uncomfortable at Columbia University. But not only there professors and other students are against Israel and Jews. Thanks to the rich Arab countries, America is being bought without even realizing how fast money is trapping it.

A list of American universities receiving donations from IRAN:

1. Havard, 2. Columbia, 3. University of California, 4. Georgia State University, 5. University of Arizona, 6. University of Pennsylvania, 7. Bard, 8. Rutgers, 9. Berkeley and 10. the University of Wisconsin.

Welcome to Iran, dear anti - Semitic students and lecturers ! You are on Achmadinejad's payroll !

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