Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Not that I do understand men but still, it has always been interesting to observe how they deal with intelligent women. Never mind if in religious or secular society. As soon as a self - confident educated woman appears, men either run or try their best to influence her.

Sephardi men are mostly Machos and try to be the boss as well as the protector. Even worse in frum circles, as they absolutely cannot tolerate a woman studying Talmud or other higher Jewish studies. This is just beyong their understanding.

With Ashkenazi men it depends. According to my experience, religious men are quite helpful. I am not a feminist or so but do think that a woman should be equal. Especially in education.
Some religious guys, however, just freak out when there is a woman who is slightly more intelligent than them. Can you imagine a woman correcting a man in Gemara ? Those cases do exist and some guys are really upset about it.

Whatever environment you choose as a woman: Keep away from men who try to tell you what to do or do their very best to manipulate you.

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