Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bar Mitzva in Toldot Aharon


Because I am dealing with so many chassidic groups, I sometimes loose track and get confused by all the names and who is who. Although the Toldot Aharon were only founded in the 1920ies and thus do not yet have that many Rebbes or Rebbe family members, it can be hard to differentiate.

אמש (יום א') התקיימה שמחת הבר מצוה לנכד כהאדמו''ר מתולדות אהרן, בן לבנו הרה''צ ר' מנחם נחום , חתן הרב משה קאהן - ראש ישיבת תולדות אהרן

The Bar Mitzva took place last Sunday. A grandchild of Rebbe David Kahn was celebrating in the TA - Beit Midrash in Mea Shearim. He is the son of the Rebbe's son Menachem Nachum. However, I could not figure out who Rabbi Moshe Kahn is.

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