Monday, November 23, 2009

Satmar continues Building


After a long break, Satmar is now continuing to build it's "Kiryat Yoel" in Jerusalem's Raoul Wallenberg Street.

A year ago I wrote in "Vos iz Neias" about the building stop. According to my sources, Satmar was then suffering from the known financial crisis and had to put the "Kiryat Yoel" project on hold. Many commentators on this article claimed that Jerusalem's municipality did not give a permit to Satmar and thus, the project was delayed. I did not clarify this with the municipality but have to tell you something from experience:

If the mayor (then Uri Lupolianski) had done so, the Satmarer would have been the first causing wild demonstrations against him. Even cutting his tyres. But nothing happened and I still believe that Satmar suffered financially. This is not a shame and, nevertheless, now constructions are continuing.

In November 2008: Jerusalem's Kiryat Yoel on hold.

Photo: TAB

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