Sunday, November 29, 2009

Latest Pashkevilim

If certain haredi groups go out to fight the Gentile wig (Sheitel), they should do so in a holy Torah way and not hand out videos. Videos do destroy a holy Jewish family !

Above and below: Against INTEL working on Shabbat

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliyashiv against the wig / Gentile wig (Sheitel).

The main claim of the wig opponents is that a Sheitel is making a haredi woman look like a prostitute !


  1. I'd like to suggest that your blog would be more interesting if in addition to posting photos, you added what you think about them.

    Some suggestions:

    Do you agree/disagree with the ban on wigs? Support/oppose/find ironic the use of video to promote it? Agree or not that a woman in a wig looks like a prostitute?

    Agree with the protests against Intel? Disagree entirely? Think that they were necessary at first, but now that Intel has agreed to only use non-Jews to operate the plant on Shabbat that the protests should stop, or that the plant should stay closed in any case? Support/Oppose violence on the part of the protesters? On the part of the police?

  2. I would not go so far as to say prostitute, but I do notice that when these women and girls put on a wig they look much more attractive than in their natural hair--not at all modest. So I have to ask, if the point is to be modest, why are they trying to look like fashion models?

  3. B"H

    Sometimes I am so sick of the whole demonstration issue that I don't really have an opinion anymore.

    However, my opinion on INTEL is that the demonstrations are unnecessary. As far as I know has INTEL been working for quite some time on Shabbat and no one was bothered by it.

    Secondly, why only INTEL ?
    There are countless of companies working on Shabbat !

    Today it said in the haredi press that only a few Haredim showed up in front of INTEL yesterday while the majority demonstrated in Mea Shearim.

    I am against the INTEL demonstration but have to say that as soon as the Haredim only demonstrate in Mea Shearim (no matter if against Karta or Intel), they've lost because no one cares anymore.

    This just as a little strategic advise !

    The wig ?

    I don't really care about the wig too much. I don't care if women cover their hair with a Sheitel with a Tichel or with a Midpachat. Most wigs, however, do look very modern and sometimes I do like that. At least the women doesn't look like a Schmattes. Especially on Shabbat a nice wig and some Schabbes clothes do make a difference.

    What I don't like is those Harediyiot throwing over their wigs Tshik Tshak and run over to the Makolet (grocery store) for a few minutes to buy some eggs or milk.

    To look like a prostitute ?

    A wig alone doesn't make a prostitute but the clothes. And what I see is women without wigs but dressing immodestly. The skirts are far too short and the the clothes are far too tight.

    On the other hand, I don't really see the point why women would shave their hair. Okay, okay, it is an old custom. However, I have learned that most chassidic women (except for Gur, Chabad or Breslov) do shave their hair. Even Belz and Vishnitz.

    Many times I am really asking myself why all those laws, regulations and limitations only concenr women. The wig, the skirt, the hair, the behaviour, the kitchen, Eshet Chayail.
    But what about the men ?
    Is is my fault when a men is staring at a women ? Staring that much that he cannot see the difference if it is a married woman or not ? And what if she is married ? Does he stop staring ?

    It looks like some Rabbis have been only searching the faults why the Redemption has not yet arrived in women's issues.

  4. It is true. A wig only beautifies a woman, and makes her more attractive to men. I've never quite understood it. Wear a tichel or a snood if you're serious about tznius. And now they sell the sheitels with the pony tails and the hair going halfway down the back.

  5. B"H

    It depends what kind of a wig.:-) Some Sheitels look uglier than any hair.:-)

    But the pony tails are too much !

  6. I guess I hang out in the modern communities. Never seen an ugly sheitel before.

  7. B"H

    I've seen quite a few. Some Harediyot just drop into the Makolet and dump the wig over their head. Sometimes the wig is hanging around into the wrong direction.:-)