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The MODEST Skirt according to the Edah HaCharedit

Modesty in Toldot Aharon
The woman also walks behind her husband, as stipulated in the Toldot Aharon Takanot.


Different haredi Rabbis have been trying to stop the so - called "Pritzut - Immodest Clothing" within their female society. Litvishe Rabbis tried to interfere when women wear skirts which are, very obvious, too short. Hardly reaching over the knee and especially Bnei Brak is full of such modern haredi clothing stores.
However, the skirts of some Chabad women as well as of some Gerrer women can be called anything but modest. If they would not wear a Sheitel (wig) you hardly knew that they are haredi women at all. Even the national religious in their long jeans skirts are sometimes more modest than a Gerrer lady. The Edah HaCharedit is just the exact opposite because its Rabbis have made up a few very clear rules. First of all, the length of the "super" modest skirt should be only 20 cm above the ground.

I do not know how much 20 cm are in inches but maybe you can find out, if necessary.

Only 20 cm above the ground should the skirt end and not just rarely covering the female knee.
The Edah claims (the same as the Toldot Aharon and their founder Rebbe Aharon Roth in his book "Shomer Emunim") that an immodestly dressed woman would push away the Shechinah (G - d's presence). And once the Shechinah has moved a little further away, the Jewish people are going to face problems; mostly with the other nations.
Keeping the Shechinah as close as we can by doing Mitzvot, the Jews won't be exposed to so many difficulties in life.

Sukkot in Mea Shearim: Mea Shearim Street was separated. Men to the right and women to the left.

Besides the perfect length, a modest skirt has to have special sizes and tight skirts are anything but acceptable. A woman is forbidden to expose the shape of her body and thus has to wear wider clothes. Not too much like a sack but wide enough so that her body doesn't stand out from far away. A modest skirt should always be at least 10 cm wider around the hip. Around the knees, the skirt should be 55 cm wider than the body but sometimes it very much depends on the size of a woman.
It goes without saying that the Edah woman has to wear long sleeves.
Be aware that to many and too bright colours attract the eyes of men and a modest women should refrain from such clothes.

In case there are any questions call: 050 - 4183253 in Israel.

And again I am asking myself why the Edah always emphasizes that the women keep away the Shechinah. Is is my fault when Meshiach is not coming because my skirt is 2 cm too short ?

The modest Collar according to Chassidut Toldot Aharon

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