Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The "Shalit - Dilemma"


What does the Torah say about freeing a kidnapped soldier of one's own army ?
The Jewish army.

As far as I remember do we have the obligation to do anything in order to free the soldier from his captivity.

Israel is in a big dilemma, as the Hamas demands the release of hundreds of its terrorists in exchange for the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Terrorists who killed countless of Jews and whose goal it is to continue doing so. Everyone who has ever been in a terrorist attack or lived in Jerusalem during the year 2002 knows exactly what I am talking about.
When we riding on a local bus in 2002, we were watching every passenger getting on the bus. Did he look Arab ? If yes, could he be a suicide bomber ? What if he carried a big piece of luggage ?

As the whole country, I am torn between the two possibilities: Should Israel release all those terrorists or keep on negotiating ? Is one soldier worth a few hundred terrorist with blood on their hands ? What is happening in the future if those terrorists are free ? Can Shalit be a happy person when he knows that his release caused further terror victims ?

I am glad not to be the prime minister and hopefully everything will work out.
(Just some wishful thinking !)

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