Sunday, November 15, 2009

G - d gave us Heaven and Earth

The Moon


NASA scientists discovered water on the moon. There would large quantities of water and I started asking myself how the water will remain in case mankind is going to move to the Moon. Have you ever heard about rain showers on the Moon ?

Moon or Mars, scientists keep on looking for a new home for us because one day, planet Earth may be so messed up and destroyed that we either cause our own destruction or start moving somewhere else in space. So far, the only planet suitable for us would be Mars. However, can it seriously be a solution just moving to another planet ? We turned the Earth into a wreck and now we are going to continue somewhere else ? Who could be in charge of dividing the new land / planet ? The Arabs, Capitalists, Communists, Obama, the Pope, the UN or a Chief Rabbi ?

Lets just have a look at Mars:
Who wants to live there and how ? Living in a cave and facing the greatest dust storms ? A thin atmosphere and no magnetic field protecting us from asteorids ?

Or the Moon with a temperature of - 153 degrees Celsius ? This makes Alaska look like a tropical island. The Moon is covered by craters caused by asteorids constantly hitting the surface. No magnetic shield = no protection against anything flying in. Furthermore, the Moon is 384,403 km (or 238,857 miles) far away from the Earth. Nevertheless, it is the only planet where humans ever landed.

No matter how destroyed our present planet is, I am going to stay !
G - d gave us this planet because it is perfect for humans. The right atmosphere, seasons, water and a magnetic field / shield protecting us from many incoming space objects.

Of course, science and advanced technology makes anything possible but instead of looking for a new home, we should rather try saving our "old" one. Who says that G - d wants us to live somewhere else ?

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