Thursday, November 5, 2009

Am I going to die of Swine Flu ?


Am I going to die of swine flu because I am planning to refuse the vaccination ? 

First of all, I am not alone with my refusal: 47 % of the Israeli population is going to refuse the vaccination ! 

There are countless reports on how damaging the swine flu vaccination is and lets be honest: Has the vaccination really proven right so far ? Does it help or is it just another unproven product given out by the pharmaceutical industry ?

I do not think intend playing Russian Roulette. Maybe I am getting the swine flu but lets just hope that it will not be a life threat. However, who knows what is going to happen after receiving the vaccination.
Dangers of the Vaccination:



  1. Like you I will not have the vaccination. I will be careful and follow the basics of hand-washing and I will try to avoid people who are sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose a lot--especially in closed spaces without air circulation. I am basically healthy, and try to eat well. The rest I leave to Gd. Good health to you!

  2. No, you probably won't die of H1N1(swine flu) if you don't get the shot. I just got the shot today, which is definitely a good idea for me, as I have been taking care of patients diagnosed with it for a few weeks (face masks, isolation robes, latex gloves, endless swab tests fof patients, and liters and liters of hand disinfectant--ouch!)

    Stay away from sick people, especially anyone with a cough or runny nose, be careful in public places. Unless you fall into one of the health risk categories, you probably won't die even if you do get the flu.

    Some of our doctors aren't taking the vaccination because they're almost sure they've already had H1N1.

    One son of mine has asthma; so I'm definitely planning on having him get the shot, as well as my husband, who gets every flu every year, and two of my daughters whose lives are too high-pressured for them to let themselves get sick. I will encourage the rest of my family to get the vaccination as well.

    I got the shot at about 9AM today, and I feel fine although my arm is a tad sensitive.

  3. B"H

    I am relatively healthy and don't fall in one of the categories of people in danger. I have also increased consuming Vitamine C and do more sports.

    What about busses and halls like a library hall ? Shall we leave all the windows open or how does this work ?

    One ex - worker at our bakery had the swine flu a few weeks ago but no one else got infected and she was back after two weeks or so.

    I think I rather have the swine flu for a while instead of facing negative effects from the vaccination. Once I even heard that the vaccination causes cancer and then I would fall into a risky category because my mother and grandmother (from my father's side) died of cancer.

  4. Sports will improve your overall health and vitamin C will decrease the liklihood of getting urinary infections, but that won't make much difference for airborne infections like H1N1.

    It's not the bubonic plague, and medical care has improved a lot since the Spanish Influenza. Nevertheless, we are expecting a lot more sick people and a lot more mechanical ventillation due to respiratory failure related to H1N1. Being on a respirator can save a person's life, but it has a lot more dangerous side effects than the H1N1 vaccine.

    You could feel a lot safer about NOT takeng the vaccine if a higher percentage of the Israeli public WERE planning on being vaccinated, because then you would enjoy what they call "herd immunity".

    Cancer, by the way, isn't just one disease.

    Zei gezint, in any case.