Monday, November 16, 2009

Are we back in the "good old STÜRMER" days ?


Until he got arrested by his own party, Julius Streicher used to be the editor of the famous anti - Semitic nazi newspaper "Der Stürmer". And those are the pictures / caricatures you could find in the paper:

The Jews as a greedy business man ruling over the world.

Yesterday a website I am following gave a link and I wanted to read the article. At first I thought that the site I am following is publishing the link but it turned out that they just published a link of a different website.
The article is about if the world still needs literary agents when authors are able to upload their own manuscripts. Nice article but look at the picture on the left:

Does this look familiar even when the character stems from Charles Dickens ?

I thought those days were over ? And what does Amazon have to do with such a character ? Is it run by "greedy Jews" ?

I sent an e - mail to the website owner and now waiting for clarification !

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  1. Dear Miriam Woelke,

    Thank you for writing us with your concerns today. I am sincerely sorry the photograph offended you. The picture was taken from the new Disney movie, A Christmas Carol. It is Jim Carrey playing the Charles Dickens character Ebenezer Scrooge in the movie. Here is another picture and more information about the film:

    We chose the photo because we thought it would take a popular movie to illustrate the frustrations that some readers feel about agents--thus, the reference to the famous Scrooge line, "Bah, Humbug," in the headline. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts whenever you wish. Thank you for visiting GalleyCat.

    Jason Boog
    Publishing Editor