Friday, November 27, 2009

Shabbat Shalom


The main topic most people look at at this week's Parasha is "Sulam Yaakov - Jacob's Ladder". There are countless of commentaries available. However, the most important interpretation is that everything was a prophecy. One opinion says that G - d showed Yaakov that him and the Jewish people won't be under the supervision of the angels but directly under G - d's influence.

What we learn from Parashat Vayetze is also that despite all difficulties and evil Lavan, Yaakov stuck to his morality and to G - d. He did not give in to all viciousness and remained on his path.
We should take him as an example because as soon as many Israelis go abroad or Jews living in the Diaspora, they just become like the nations in many ways. Unfortunately we forget our uniqueness too easily. But not only in the Diaspora ! Just look at Israel and the secular world. It is so easy to get lost and sometimes I am experiencing this myself.

There are people who need to run on Shabbat. Hurry from one event to the next in order not to miss anything or fight their own loneliness. However, to me Shabbat means to relax from the busy week. I am glad when I can sit, relax, sleep or read a good book. I am not into running from one event to the next. I don't need all this invitations. Honestly, I find this rather strange anyway because from a certain age you should make your own Shabbat and not hang around with a strange crowd.

It is supposed to rain but in case it won't, I am definitely going out into nature. Just like the Breslovers but maybe not into such a quiet Hitbodedut, as there may be too many people around. If there is some sun in the winter, people just stream into the forests and parks.

All my life, I have been into books. For the past years, mainly into "Sifrei Koidesh - holy books" but, nevertheless, I do read worldly literature as well. History, Israeli and Arab politics (in Hebrew, written by Israeli army generals or other experts). I just bought a great book about the civil war in Lebanon. Despite all religion, we should not get lost into a total spiritual world but deal with the present as well. This is why G - d placed us here. To do Tikunim (rectifications) and to live our present. Take the Torah as a tool and try living it today.

Too many people spend their lives in their own ghettos and I am asking how they are able to do any Tikunim. Only with themselves ?
Separation is never too positive and even Yaakov went out living in an entirely different environment. This way we do Tikunim and not by locking us up.

Nevertheless, there are days when a lock is necessary in order to think and relax.

"Shabbat Shalom - Gut Schabbes" to all readers !

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