Saturday, November 21, 2009

Marriage Import from Cyprus


There are no official weddings between Jews and non - Jews in Israel. If such a "couple" wants to get married they usually go abroad. Mostly to Cyprus.
Years ago, those mixed couples went to the embassy of Paraguay to Tel Aviv and just received a formal marriage certificate. However, the State of Israel did not accept such certificates after a while. Now couples who cannot have a halachic wedding in Israel (also a Cohen and a divorcee, Gentile or convert) go to Cyprus.

It is the Torah forbidding Jews to marry a Gentile !
The Torah and not particularly the State of Israel. Especially not only the "bad" Orthodox Jews.
Israel's secular press loves to jump onto the intermarriage subject and blame all religious Jews. More than that, the foreign press loves to take the topic as an example for showing how religious Jews are still walking around in their stone age. They are conservative, do not know what is going on in the world and they are rassists. The German press as well as other countries.

The majority of secular Jewry as well as the Gentile world have no clue about what it means to be Orthodox. They see something on TV and this seems to be enough for building up a negative opinion. Most journalists are not into deep research nowadays but just google a few issues together. Some media people from Germany told me that the information I am handing over does not need to be too precise, as their readers do not know anything about Judaism anyway. So, what does it matter then when something is stated wrong ?

Again, the secular Ynet jumps on the intermarriage subject and once more, I am explaining the reason why those marriages are forbidden:

G - d created Jews and Gentiles with a special purpose in this world.
Jews and Gentiles were created with different kinds of souls (Neshamot). Connecting these two different souls is impossible even if the marriage (intermarriage) seems to be a happy one.

What I have noticed over and over again is that the Jewish part of a mixed marriage is always trying to justify himself. Not in front of his non - Jewish partner but in front of other Jews. If anyone is asking him about his wife, he always answers with a hesitation and the "Yes, but …" sentence.

How can anyone congratulate to such a marriage when the children will not be Jews anymore ? Another lost generation going down the drain !
People accuse the State of Israel or religious Jews but why is no one accusing G - d ?
G - d made this law and He definitely had His reasons for doing so !


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  1. But all this falls a aprt if one doesn't believe in the Torah, which these people do not.