Thursday, November 19, 2009

GILO belongs to WESTjerusalem


Who has ever been to Gilo ?

Taking a local bus, passing the Rehavia neighbourhood, going down Gaza Street, reaching the "Malcha" Mall and the Jerusalem Train Station; then going up the hill to Gilo.
Gilo is located on a hill and the bus ride seems to take ages. We find the Arab village Beit Zafafa right before the entrance to Gilo. The main road is splitting the village in half. Many Arab traders set up their stands and sell all kinds of products to the bypassing Israelis. A good bargain for Beit Zafafa.

About 40,000 people live in Gilo. Relatively cheap housing have made the neighbourhood quite attractive. Furthermore, Gilo has built up its own social services including a shopping mall. The only disadvantage is the great distance to Jerusalem's city center.

Gilo has been part of Westjerusalem for more than 30 years. A fact, B. Hussein Obama and Syria fan Putin love to ignore. Some years back, the Gilo inhabitants were contantly attacked by Palestinian terrorists from the Arab village of Beit Jalla. The world did not give a "damn" about the attacks on Jews. Only when the Israeli army decided to strike back, the world went mad. In favour of the Palestinian terrorist, of course.

Again, Gilo is under attack once more. It looks like Israel has to ask Obama for permission on anything. Are we allowed to build one more house or does the Muslim president considers it as an act of terrorizing the Palestinians ?

Within a few years, Israel is going to face an even worse enemy:
The world's Islamization is spreading fast and those who speak out against it, will become less and less.

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