Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is he Jewish ?


Jews have the crazy habit of searching for anything Jewish. Just look at Harry Potter. There are people claiming that Harry is actually Jewish. Those of you who may have read Harry Potter know that he was a kind of an outlaw. At least when he was spending his summer vacation in the house of his uncle. An outcast just like a Jew ? Or was his using the wand Jewish ? Who knows ?

As soon as a new movie comes out, we try spotting out the actor's names if there is anything Jewish: Goldstein, Weinberg, Rosen ...
Anyone has an idea if the "Flintstones" are Jewish ?

We all know that Barbara Streisand is Jewish; so is Jeff Goldblum but Michael Douglas is not, as only his father is Jewish. Today I read somewhere that David Letterman is NOT Jewish. What a surprise to me because I always thought that he is.

My biggest surprise, however, I had yesterday when I read on the net that Neil Diamond is Jewish. I was a fan of him in the early eighties and he used to be very popular in Germany. Nevertheless, I never knew that he is Jewish.

I do not know if Neil has anything to do with religion but here is a good song from his collection:


  1. His father was a Chazzan.

  2. The actor of Harry Potter appears to be Jewish le'halacha, but doesn't seem to affiliate Jewishly except when it suits him.

    We certainly see magic wands in the Torah, but the Baal Shem Tov on Parshas Vayetze implies that their symbolism is side-to-side, not pointed at the thing being effected.

    See Harry Potter and Torah for more: