Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photos from the Wedding in Zanz (Netanya)


Great pictures from the wedding in Chassidut Zanz in Netanya (Israel).
Look at the pictures of the Mitzveh Tanz. The bride does not have her face covered !!!


  1. Now that's a picture.

  2. What's the Zanz-Klausenberg ideology in regard to the state of Israel? Are they more to the right on other issues? More moderate?

  3. B"H

    The above picture reminds of of one of those ferrytale movies where the daughter of the king is getting married.

    However, in this case, it was the son of the Zanzer Rebbe getting married.

    Regarding Zionism:
    I don't know and have to collect some information.

    I am ashamed that, so far, I haven't been to Kiryat Zanz in Netanya. The biggest problem is finding a place to stay over Shabbat. Maybe I should start looking for a hostel there.

  4. B"H

    The Zanz ideology is that they do vote for the Knesset and that they are not like Satmar.

  5. I had a feeling. Thanks. That's good to hear.