Sunday, November 22, 2009

What is more important: Work or Prayer ?


We have a new baker at the bakery. He has only started to work a few days ago but a new problem is already coming up:

The  new worker is national religious and is supposed to start at 6am. He claims that he can only start later, as he wants to say his Shacharit (morning prayer) together with a Minyan (10 Jewish men) in a Synagogue.

My question is: What is more important ?
Going to work on time and keeping the job or prayer ?
The bakery does have a solution for him: First of all, he has time for Shacharit until 10am or so. Secondly, there is a Synagogue (of Rabbi Mordechai Sharabi) right behind our building and he could quickly jump over to pray. There is no point in showing up for work too late when the goods have to be baked on time.

Anyone has the right halachic advice (incl. source) ?

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