Monday, November 30, 2009

Do we really know the graves of the Zaddikim ?


Are we totally sure that the graves of certain Zaddikim (righteous) are really their graves ? I mean how can we tell for sure that today's Rachel's grave is really Rachel's grave ? Maybe it is the grave of someone else and Rachel's grave is located somewhere next to it. A bit more far away but in the area.

How do we know that Yosef's grave is at exactly the same location where we find it today ? Or where we believe it is. Maybe it is somewhere else ?
The same with Aharon's grave or the sons of Yaakov (see small picture on top with Ruven's grave).

I believe that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) has his grave where it is today or Rabbi Akiva. But I am not sure about the sons of Yaakov or Kever Rachel. From where do we know the exact location ? From tradition ?

The most controversial discussion has been taking place about the grave of King David on Mount Zion (Jerusalem). Wasn't it the Catholic church deciding where the grave is ? And why do we believe the church ?

Sometimes I keep on telling myself that either the grave are at the right location or that many Jews only want to believe so in order to pray or have something to hold on / touch.

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  1. Some, like Rabbi Akiva for example, was revealed to us by the Arizal.

    Others have an ancient tradition, like Rochel for example