Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Balak - Flotilla

Photo: Parasha Blog


The women - Hizbollah - Syria - Flotilla is on its way to Gaza. The Israeli army is aware of the arriving female terrorist brigade and will stop the ship in order to check it for weapons.

According to today's Israeli papers, the Lebanese Flotilla is sponsored by members of the Syrian Assad family. Apparently President Assad as well as Iran and the Hizbollah are looking for a confrontation with Israel. No wonder, as the first (Turkish) Flotilla was an overwhelming propaganda success. The world was so stupid to believe the Al Jazeera propaganda or in other words: The world went anti - Semitic but, at the same time, gave in to Islamic terror. Soon we may see the Lebanese Flotilla lady with an innocent smile but as soon as you turn around, you will find a knife in your back.

Isn't it strange that the whole incident is taking place when we are reading this week's Parashat BALAK ? Balak, the King of Moav, is afraid of the Israelites and sends out the magician and prophet Bilam to curse the Jews before G - d. The strange matter is that the Torah tells us about the entire issue including Bilam's donkey but Moshe and the Israelites were camping in the desert and didn't even know what was going on behind their backs. They never saw this Bilam guy walking around (and having sex) with his donkey.
By the way, the sex matter is described in the Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin !

Of course, G - d knew about the Balak and Bilam plot and acted in order to protect His chosen people (the Jews).
What do we learn from this ?
First of all, that G - d is always with the Jews; even when they are not aware of this fact. G - d's knows exactly what is going on in the anti - Semite and hating Israel people. He is aware of evil Erdogan, Nasrallah, Achmadinejad and others. Although G - d is on our side, we cannot sit around and wait for His help. Even prayer wouldn't do everything but we must also act but it is up to Him alone how He is really protecting us in all His hidden ways.

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