Friday, June 4, 2010

Tel Aviv Demonstration in front of the Turkish Embassy


This week's Parasha is Parashat SHLACH and the most famous content there is the story about Moshe sending out the Meraglim (spies). Eventually they came back and told what they saw but in a, more or less, negative sense. The spies didn't lie but added too much negativity into their report. Talking "Lashon HaRah - Slander" about Eretz Israel because they didn't want to settle here. Maybe it was too convenient for them being led by G - d through the desert and not forced to take care of their own lives.

This week was full of the Gaza - Flotilla events as well the as world's new / old hatred towards Israel and I was asking myself how all this relates to Parasha Shlach with the Meraglim.
One thing for sure, no one participating in tonight's demonstration in front of the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv felt like speaking Lashon HaRah about Israel. Just the opposite, as we were happy and proud to be in the country whereas the Turks inside the embassy were called to leave Tel Aviv.

There are reports about some Beitar Yerushalaim soccer club fans burning a Turkish flag. However, when I was there tonight, I only saw one smoke bomb going off and the rest of the about 1000 demonstrators were standing there peacefully. Entire families had shown up waving flags and showing their outrage about the Turkish Achmadinejad behaviour. The Turkish clerks inside the embassy ran nervously around and filmed us demonstrators. Especially the posters.

Today it seems that not everything is that negative as a spy report but Israeli Jews are proud of living in the country and are actually willing to defend it. Compared to the Parasha, this is a huge step forward.

By the way, the Chabad Meshiach flag was also waving at the demonstration ! 
Meshiach is just everywhere.:-)

The demonstration in front of the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv - Hayarkon Street 202, across the Hilton Hotel. About 1000 people were there and hundreds of car drivers were showing their support.

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