Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Traitor becomes a Muslim


Tali Fachimah ?
In Israel, the name Tali Fachimah stands for one of the most famous national JEWISH traitors of our times. Besides Mordechai (converted Christian atomic spy) Vanunu or Anat (I take pictures of your secrets) Kamm.

For years, Tali Fachimah has been fighting Israel and trying to join the Palestianian people. Even Israel's left gave up when asking her to join them. Tali is a loner and totally out of her mind. One of those sitting alone in a room, having no friends and dreaming about a better and more extreme life.

Photo: Ynet

Now she became a Muslim and lives among the "suffering" Palestinians. Her next goal is Mekka and then finding a nice Muslim husband. Maybe she should get the phone number of YAD LE'ACHIM in case her Muslim husband will beat the "sh.." out of her.:-)

Details: Arutz 7

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