Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Radio Kol Chai" and "Kol Ba'Ramah"


At the moment, I am quite sick of the "Emmanuel Case" where Slonimer Chassidim fight for their daughters not to study with any Sephardi girls in class. Every day there is another news but basically there is no news. Or has there been another news in the meantime ?
Yesterday the Supreme Court decided that nine of twenty - two Slonimer mothers have to go to jail.

The two Israeli haredi radio stations, "Radio Kol Chai" and "Kol Ba'Ramah" report differently on the case. "Radio Kol Chai" is Ashkenazi and you can surely imagine what they say. "Kol Ba'Ramah, on the other hand, has a Sephardi touch and already claimed that the Ashkenazim need to calm down and not to behave too arrogant.

What I noticed at both channels is that the journalists have their own opinion and as soon as something is not according to their mindset, it is wrong. Even when Haredim speak up.
Just recently one of the channels interviewed a haredi Knesset member favouring the demand that Haredim should go to work. I forgot which haredi politician it was but he said: "Lets be honest: Not every Haredi has the talent to study. Only a small percentage turn out to be Talmidim Chachamim and the rest should go to work".
The radio reporter almost jumped upon the roof.

In the past few weeks, however, we only hear about the Emmanuel case and hardly anything else. Last night I didn't even bother to listen. Never mind secular radio channels and their mostly left - wing orientation. Nevertheless, look at the haredi radio stations and their strict mindset. I can only recommend listening here and there and somehow forming your own opinion.


  1. Look, I don't think that we realize the far-reaching implications of the case of the beis yaakov in Emmanuel. There was an incident last year that was hardly reported in the news. The Slonimer chassidim fought tooth and nail to keep it out of the media, but now the story is beginning to get out. What happened was that on the first night of Pesach, late at night, after the seder, two Slonimer girls were caught in their rooms in the middle of the night eating rice. So now all of you know well what could happen if these girls are mixed in the same class. Now who knows if the girls will even make it to olam habah.

  2. B"H

    Maybe the girls has Sephardi ancestors or were Sephardi reincarnations.:-))))