Sunday, June 13, 2010

A different kind of Shabbat


Usually celebrating Shabbat means Mitzvot, Synagogue, festive meals, meeting friends, going to chassidic Tishes or Synagogues but also rest. Last Shabbat, however, a friend of mine and myself were busy doing something completely different.

Jerusalem is full of outdoor cats giving birth to little kittens all the time and walking around between garbage cans and houses. Many times the cats go on everyone's nerves, as there are so many of them. The Jerusalem Municipality is sending out a team from time to time catching outdoor cats and either kill them or hand them over to a special organization for adoption.

A few days ago, my friend found a little kitten (only a few days old) squeezed into the neighbour's roof. First she thought about calling the municipality but eventually she managed to get the kitten out of its roof trap, bathed her and took care of her. The kitten was hurt and has a swollen eye due to an infection. Today my friend is going to the vet with the kitten.

The entire Shabbat we were busy taking care of this little cat. Muktzeh yes or no, the kitten didn't feel well because of the infection. Moreover she has a cold. The animal world is cruel and only the strongest survives. The same with today's human world, by the way.
It was just an amazing how this kitten had survived the fall and the burning sun. It still has a trauma and we don't even know whether it is a HE or a SHE.

This was our Shabbat !
The spiritual thought may be that, if you go according to Kabbalah, the kitten's soul rectification and reincarnation may have been listening to our Kiddush. Who knows ?

However, I very much hope the tiny cat is going to be fine. My friend is now looking for a loving person who would like to care care of that kitten. We are also looking for a name. If you have any idea, please comment !


  1. Does someone know the current policy of the Jerusalem Municipality regarding street cats?

    Here is one nonprofit site that might be of interest to readers:

  2. B"H

    I don't think that the Municipality would bother with an injured cat, as the one my friend found.

    My friend is going to pay several hundred Shekels to a vet today and according to what I have heard, the Municipality kills street cats and dogs.

    However, there is an organization taking care of pets and we already got hold of the number. We would love to keep the cat but are too busy for a pet. Unfortunately !!!