Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dahan was told to Leave


Israel's Minister of Justice, Yaakov Ne'eman, together with a state - controlled committee decided to get rid of the head of the Batei Din (Rabbinical Courts) in Israel. After twenty years in office, Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dahan was told to leave his job within the following two months.

Jerusalem's local paper "Yediyot Yerushalaim" published an interview with Ben Dahan where he stated that first he was upset about this decision but now decided to start something new in life. The reasons for the committee's decision were not stated and a new Rabbi taking over the job is not at sight. I assume that the decision has a political background, as, at the moment, our government it trying to get rid of anything religious.

Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dahan was in charge of conversion Batei Din but also founded a special committee helping Agunot receiving a Get from their husbands.

According to Jewish law, a wife or a husband has to agree to a divorce and if one of them says NO, divorce is not carried out. Thus, the wife is unable to marry someone else.

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