Tuesday, June 1, 2010

G - d ???


Who or what is G - d ?
In Judaism we believe that G - d created the entire universe and all existence. After finishing His creation process, He didn't just leave His creation alone but sustains us until today. He has always been with us and wants only one thing from mankind: To be recognized of the creator of anything.

Jews have their 613 Torah Mitzvot and Gentiles the Seven Noachide Laws. G - d yearns for being recognized as the "Master of the Universe" and hates any kind of idol - worship. Even Gentiles are, according to the Seven Noachide Laws, forbidden to worship idols.

G - d does not have any shape nor are we able to grasp Him. We just don't know who He really is and Kabbalah tells us that we will never be because our human mind is limited. We can think and make all kinds of efforts to understand G - d - we never will.

How do we know what G - d wants from us ?

He gave the Torah and the Jews are obligated to keep its laws. Moreover, the Jews have to teach the nations morality which we surely did.

G - d is eternal and for Him, time doesn't exist. He is absolutely timeless. He has no beginning and no end.
So, does He exist at all when we don't see Him ? Humans need something to see and touch. Neither do we hear G - d.

G - d created the universe from nothing.

Why doesn't G - d let a few miracles happen from time to time ? At least once a week so that we know He is there ?
When we look around, we surely do notice some miracles happening. We just have to keep our eyes open. There are even people who say that us waking up in the morning and the sun coming out is a miracle in itself.


"Understanding Judaism"
A Basic Guide to Jewish Faith, History, and Practice
By Rabbi Mordechai Katz


  1. I am not learned, but I did hear in a class that the Rambam (I think) wrote about the topic to the effect that when Gd created the work he gave it "a system" in nature, and that within that system there are hidden miracles and sometimes a "plundering" of the system, but in general the system is allowed to operate. There is a very long list of references including Ramban, R. Yehuda HaLevi, etc. Making for interesting reading, but becomes very difficult because it leads to things like "free will". It seems that humans have a very difficult time digesting the fact that in this world there are just some things that we are not meant to see, and no matter how hard we try, it will not be revealed to us while we are alive. The thought occurred to me that, perhaps, we would not be able to survive if we did "see" these things. Thanks for the articles!

  2. B"H

    It is completely true what you are saying !