Friday, June 11, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

Source: Tel Aviv Graffiti Blog


Shabbat together with Rosh Chodesh Tammuz. This is supposed to be spiritual and especially chassidic Synagogues are offering many events and prayers. For me there is nothing more packed with Kavanah (concentration) than a prayer service at a chassidic Synagogue. Despite all Kavanah, my big two problems are:

- I am tired from work during the week.

- I have my moods. Sometimes I am totally inside somewhere haredi but there are orhter days where I need a distance. This show me that I am not the right person committing herself to the haredi society. I am here and there and there are times when this is bothering me. Bothering because I am unable to go on in life. There are also other days where I simply cannot imagine belonging to haredi society and I enjoy my other side of life.

After all those years traveling from here to there I got used to a lot. One day I am in the deepest Bnei Brak or Mea Shearim and on the next day am I sitting at the regular (not religious) beach in Tel Aviv or Netanya.

Last night, I was at the beach and was watching the sunset. Today, Tel Aviv has an event which should be rather ignored. The local gay parade is on but no one else except for Tel Aviv inhabitants notices it. Haredi society in Israel has decided to ignore such events and concentrate on Kedusha (holiness) instead of a bunch of people who definitely need psychcological help. The city is full of gays and just like San Francisco. However, the gays I have met so far didn't make such a normal impression and seemed to be rather nuts and disturbed by their own desires. The Arizal (Rabbi Yitzchak Luria) once said that (see Kitvei HaArizal "Sefer Shaar Ruach HaKodesh") that people with mentally disturbances should look for professional help.

Despite all the negativity in the world we should try focusing on positive things. I am escaping Tel Aviv in a few hours (in order not to see any gay guy walking along the beach wearing a bra) and will be in Jerusalem for Shabbat where I keep on thinking positive.:-)

"Shabbat Shalom - Gut Schabbes and Chodesh Tov" to all of you !


  1. Your comments about gay people confirm every negative stereotype of haredi people and hangers-on like you. You, Miriam, want the freedom to explore various lifestyles. You even left Yiddishkeit for a while and now seem to be working your way back via every Chassidishe tish in Mea Shearim. But for gay people you have only hatred. And as for your comment about gay people not giving you a NORMAL impression, the men in fur hats and white stockings and long curly payos look very far from NORMAL in the eyes of most people, including Israelis. And there is also plenty of "mental disturbance" in the frum community, as you probably know. Who the heck do you think you are? Are you so perfect in your yiddishkeit? Are you so perfect in your observance of mitzvos? YOU ADMIT THAT YOU WEAR PANTS!!! That's beged ish, and it's ISSUR! You're nothing but a hypocrite.

    So you should think twice before engaging in your gay-bashing. Better yet, stay the hell out of Tel-Aviv if it offends you so much. It's people like you who cause so many frum people to go off the derech. Of course, there are NO gay people in the holy enclave of Mea Shearim, right?

  2. B"H

    You comment shows me that you are totally secular. So I very much advise you to get further details about haredi society before you spread your hatred and use the gays as a justification.

  3. # אכן הגאים, הם מתנהגים בדיוק כמו בהמות או יות נכון שימפנזים! בושה וחרפה!
    # הם קוברים רק את עצמם.