Monday, June 14, 2010

Where is Yossele (Shuchmacher) ?


There are so many things to write about and many times I have no clue where to start.
For a long time, I have been planning to write about the case of "Yossele Shuchmacher" but, as usual, haven't found the time.

The child Yossele (Yosef) Shuchmacher became famous in the early 60ies. Plenty of times, the media refers to Yossele's last name as Schumacher but it was actually Shuchmacher !

To make a long story short:
The child Yossele was givent to his grandparents because his parents had just made Aliyah and needed some time to get settled. Yossele ended up in Mea Shearim with his Breslov grandparents although his parents were secular.

After some weeks, the parents found a place to live and wanted Yossele back home but the grandparents refused and said that Yossele cannot live secular and with Zionists. They hid him and eventually young Yossele was kidnapped abroad by Ruth Ben - David, Rabbi Amram Blau's later wife. The end of the story is that the Mossad found Yossele, returned him to his parents and Yossele has been living secular since. Now he came for a Bar Mitzvah at ZAKA.

Second from left (with white knitted Kipa): Yossele Shuchmacher

Right: Yehudah Moshe (Meshi) Zahav, the head of Zaka.

Yossele lives secular and always claims that he was glad when he was returned to his secular parents.

All photos may be viewed HERE !

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