Friday, June 18, 2010

Haredi Parents from Emmanuel put into Jail


The secular Israeli press together will all kinds of secular Jews as well as Sephardi Jews are running a dirty campaign against Ashkenazi Haredim. A few hours ago, while crossing the Machane Yehudah Market (Jerusalem) on my way to the central bus station, I witnessed that a Sephardi salesman started yelling from behind his stand at an Ashkenazi Chassid passing the Shuk:

"Ah, here are the Ashkenazim !"

Many Sephardi Jews I spoke to are in favour of the supreme courts decision that the Beit Yaakov in Emmanuel has to force Sephardi and Ashkenazi girls into one classroom.

However, where are all those "tolerant" Israelis as soon as an Ethiopean child wants to joing their child's class ? 

To all Sepharadim:

Why don't you live in Ramat Aviv ? Why are you not a pilot in the IDF ? Why don't you live in Jerusalem's Rehavia ? Why don't you have leading positions in the economy ?
Because the SECULAR Ashkenazi Jews don't want you ! 
So, don't complain about Haredi society while Israeli society as a whole is becoming more and more rassist. Even the Sephardim towards the Ashkenazim.


  1. I don't chup?

    Are you saying racism is fine as long as everyone is a bit racist?

  2. B"H

    No, but I am saying that one should look deeper into the background of the Beit Yaakov history and not only take everything as racism. As Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef stated about two weeks ago, Sepharadim and Ashkenazim should be taught separately due to many reasons.

    Secondly, when I join a certain school, I agree to their rules and if I don't, I start looking for another school.

    By the way, why do you think the Sephardi haredi boys don't want to join the Ashkenazi Talmud Torah classes ? Why is everyone just talking about the Beit Yaakov girl's schools but not about the boy's schools ?

    I tell you why:
    Because the boys of Talmud Torah study in Yiddish and this is why suddenly, Sephardi guys are not interested. But the Sephardi girls are interested in receiving a higher society status by staudying at an Ashkenazi school.

  3. I'm not commenting on the case... I was commenting on your post about everybody hating everybody.

    Your post seemed to say don't claim about haredim being racist, as everyone in Israel is... I think that is neither true nor an appropriate thing to publish.

  4. B"H

    Why should I lie about certain Israeli society issues. I think that even people making Aliyah have a right to know the truth.