Thursday, June 3, 2010

The FLOTILLA in the Book of Prophets or Torah Codes


No matter what kind of disaster is happening, we Jews are not excluded from speculations about the WHY ? Humankind wants to know WHY something is happening. Why thousands of people die in an earthquake, why the Tsumani took place and why one person died whereas his neighbour survived.
Even when Israel left Gush Katif speculations took place about the WHY. One Rabbi claimed that it is actually G - d's will having us Jews out of Gush Katif because a huge disastrous earthquake would take place within the next years and the Arabs deserve to get killed.

I am surprised, however, that no one has discovered the FLOTILLA in the Torah Codes yet (as, for instance, Obama). Nevertheless, the Prophets tell us about the hatred of the nations (not all Gentiles !) and Akiva points out Gog's coalition against Israel.

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