Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweden is not a good place for Jews


In particular, Sweden and Norway have become more and more anti - Semitic within the past ten years or so. Known as liberal countries, especially Scandinavia has been flooded with a huge amount of Muslims from the Middle East such as Palestinians, Lebanese and others. After France, Belgium and Holland, Sweden has become Europe's number four concerning the Muslim population. 502,000 Arabs live among a 9,3 million Swedish population; thus making up 5,6 percent of the entire population.

Malmoe has turned into an Arab paradise and most inhabitants are anti - Israel. 55,000 Arabs live in Malmoe. The entire population of Malmoe is 275,000 inhabitants.
Yelling anti - Semitic curses at Jews in Malmoe is nothing special anymore and more and more Jews leave for Stockholm, London or Israel.

The Israeli daily "Israel Hayom" was reporting about the 33 - year - old Jewish lawyer Markus Eilenberg last Friday. Born in Malmoe, Eilenberg and his wife had good jobs and a properous lifestyle. However, Markus Eilenberg didn't feel save anymore and doesn't see a way to raise his two children in a Jewish way. The Eilenberg family decided to leave Malmoe and make Aliyah to Israel. A month ago, they moved to Modi'in and are now facing the difficulties of Israeli Aliyah bureaucracy. Just as every other new immigrant as well. However, the Eilenberg's are happy to be here and see the Jewish community of Malmoe soon vanishing.

Malmoe will be left with a bunch of Arabs who then will turn over to terrorize the local Swedish population.

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