Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just a Thought: "Israel and the World"


It doesn't come as a total surprise that the majority of the world is against Israel. Not only against Israel but also against Jews; in particular against religious Jews.

When I was still in Yeshiva, we were always taught that the Jews brought morality into the world and this is why we are hated. In ancient times and before the Torah, the Gentile nations did whatever they wanted. They killed, robbed and raped without any conscience. Comes along the Torah and talks about a creator and no more murdering and robbing. Later on, the Prophets kept on telling us that before Meshiach is coming, the world will be entirely against the Jews and Israel. Basically they will try to destroy us, fail and then Meshiach is coming. Of course, there are different commentaries on that but what we see (or have seen throughout history) that the world is against us. No matter what we do, we are wrong and the rest of the world is right.

Why can't we Jews just be like the other nations and always follow our own "strange" laws ? The answer is simple: Because Jews have a special G - dgiven mission in life. Everyone does; including the Gentiles. Still, Jews have special Tikkunim (soul rectifications) to fulfill in order to bring about Meshiach.

Weren't we told by the Prophets that the world will be against us no matter what we do ? Now you can think about whether the nations are doomed to be against us or whether they are still able to follow their own free will.

I am not at all surprised about all kinds of propaganda against Israel but I don't see Meshiach at the doorstep although we wish he may be.

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