Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LIGHTS of Jerusalem


Last night I joined the crowds and within the coming next days, I am going to put photos into the blog. However, beforehand a few pictures from the Jerusalem Festival of Light" on ARUTZ 7 !

Visitors of the festival are going two face two categories:

1. Tours free of charge and anyone can walk around or inside the Old City and see the light attractions.

2. 50 Shekel - Ticket Tours (approx. 12 Dollar) but they need to be reserved in advance and by credit card.

50 Shekels are a lot of money but I decided to invest something in a little bit of culture. However, all tickets were sold out and thus I joined the free - of - charge - tours which probably were as good as the paid tours.

Tonight will be the last night of the festival and it is worth going !

At Jaffa Gate

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