Sunday, June 27, 2010

Christian Missionary watching over a Bagrut Test ?


Jerusalem's local paper "Yediot Yerushalaim" is reporting about a missionary incident at the "Orth School" in Givat Ram:
About two weeks ago, an about 40 - year - old woman showed up who was supposed to work as a guard during the high school test (Bagrut) of the Orth School in Givat Ram. The woman arrived with a bag full of books which she started handing out to the students during their test. Moreover, the woman went from table to table and started talking to the students about religion. The students complained, as this was in the middle of their written tests and as a result, the woman was thrown out of the building.

A few days later, she showed up again with the intention to start the same procedure. However, the guard of the school as well as other teachers didn't let her enter the school.

Orth School didn't complain to the police but to the Ministry of Education who had obviously sent the woman. Nevertheless, there was another incident at a different school with the same woman try to enter the building.

The article in "Yediot Yerushalaim" uses the word "Missionary" in the headline but doesn't say anything about any religion. However, as soon as the word "Missionary" appears, usually Christian missionaries are meant.

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