Friday, June 4, 2010

Shabbat Shalom


The world is against Israel and prefers embracing Arab terrorism.
Are we surprised ?
No, and we already know exactly how the UN - report about the Flotilla is going to look. Richard Goldstone will have a great biased revival.

An article you should definitely read talks about how one of the Israeli Shayetet soldiers shot six Arab terrorists and thus saved his and the lives of his comrades.

This week, I haven't dealt too much with religion. Neither here on the blog nor in my life. Prayer ? Of course, but more in the background of the political / military events happening at the moment. In Israel we are shocked how the majority of the world's population can let it happen that a bunch of Muslim radicals change the world into a place of terrorism. There are politicians who do realize exactly what is going on but today are too afraid to speak up.

Nevertheless, when you look back in Jewish history, it has never that much better for the Jews since Yosef and his family went down to Egypt. Already Avraham was hunted by Nimrod and turned in by his own father Terach. So, what is the point of doing all this to us; why is G - d choosing this kind of life for the Jews ? Are we allowed to complain, as the Prophet Chavakuk did ? Yes, we may complain but I hope that people don't look for all those faults only within Jewish society. Because not all Jews keep the Mitzvot, this and that is happening.
I think that it is just how G - d decided to run the world and it says that, in the end, we will see the result and understand. However, couldn't there be just ONE time when the world speaks up and realizes the truth of what danger is ahead ? Condemning Iran but, on the other hand, shaking hands with the Iranian representative Erdogan from Turkey.

Or should we rather ignore all these anti - Semites and dedicate our being to Torah. Sometimes I wish to sit somewhere on an island and neither see nor hear any news. Only concentrating on my own life and how to improve. On the other hand, G - d gave us this world to fix and to deal with other humans. The Maharal says in his introduction on the Pirkei Avot commentary that none of us is alone in this world and that there are other people we have to live with.
After Noach's Flood, the people stuck together in order to be prepared for the next flood or any kind of G - dly punishment. G - d wanted mankind to inhabit the whole word but instead, the Generation of the Flood only settled in one city and even started building a tower.
This alone shows us that we have to go out and have a live and not just lock ourselves up in a cave.

It is June and soon many chassidic Mea Shearim Rabbis will go abroad on vacation. At least until the middle or end of August and, therefore, I try to go to some more Tishes. Who does remain in Jerusalem and hardly ever travels is the Belzer Rebbe. He mostly has his Tish going on.

"Shabbat Shalom - Gut Schabbes" to all of you !

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