Monday, February 14, 2011

Is Atlantis on Google Earth ?


The great secret ATLANTIS and the eternal search of people finding this former perfect island. Gold, wealth, happy inhabitants - Until today, thousands of people keep on dreaming of Atlantis. Of finding the ancient paradise and getting a glimpse of a perfect life but do we rally need Atlantis in order to be happy ? Or shouldn't we rather concentrate on finding our own Atlantis inside of us instead of looking for external happiness ?

There is a theory that the ancient population of Atlantis were the descendants of the Biblical Cain. An almost hightech society and more advanced than anyone else in the world. However, the island somehow got to a certain point where G - d decided its destruction. If this is really true and the former people of Atlantis were the children of Cain, then we should stop dreaming about us living in Atlantis. 


  1. Well before the flood, in the days of enosh 1/3 of the the world was flooded (see rashi there), tradition has it that the mediterranean sea was created in that flood. So one can imagine what cities lie under there. Perhaps this underwater city flooded at the same time.

  2. B"H

    I don't have that particular Rashi in front of me but I can tell you that there are many opinions of Mefarshim that in the days of Enosh, the generation was punished by G - d. The reason was idol - worship when the generation mainly prayed to the sun.

    The G - dly punishment was that a certain percentage of land disappeared into the sea.

  3. Seems like I read somewhere that Atlantis and Lemuria may have been Sodom and Gomorrah. But can't remember the source of that info. Just food for thought.