Monday, February 28, 2011

The National Religious Shomron Settler Movement and its Christian Donations


“Money makes the world go round” – Not only for some Haredim such as Dudi Zilberschlag or Yehudah Meshi Zahav but especially for the national religious settler movement. While searching for material about today’s police attack on the Gilad Farm settlers, I found this

and this

 Not only Netanyahu is trying to play Ghaddafi but the national religious Shomron Jews have put themselves into the hands of extreme idol - worshipers such as the Evangelical Christians.

“Jewish ideology YES but together with Christian idol – worship money !”


  1. Here is the true attitude settlers should adopt toward Christian Avodah Zarah:

    (I would never dare using the rude words he used, but he made it clear that Christianity doesn't belong to the Holy Land.)

  2. B"H

    I wouldn't use his words either but he is right. Christians don't belong to Israel. They just bring Tumah with their idol - worship.